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A selection of projects authored with Scalar.

A page from The Knotted Line

Custom front-end interface for The Knotted Line.
A page from The Knotted Line

Scalar back-end for The Knotted Line.

The Knotted Line features a custom-built front-end website designed in Flash to pull content via Scalar’s open API as well as a back-end website built in Scalar.

The Knotted Line takes its name from a set of over 40 paintings by artist and project director Evan Bissell which are connected by a thin, interactive line to tell the intertwining stories of labor, education and incarceration in the geographic area of United States from 1495 – 2025. The primary experience of the piece is a Flash-based interface which enables users to rip the line open to reveal the paintings and related historical annotations. These historical details are delivered by Scalar via its open API, and each links to a page within Scalar that more fully explores its topic, with generous amounts of embedded media. Integrating anonymous user comments, and designed for use in classroom environments as well as by the general public, The Knotted Line demonstrates the versatility of Scalar as both as a pedagogical tool and as a content management system.

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