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Scalar 2

  • Pathfinders

    Dene Grigar and Stuart Moulthrop

    Pathfinders: Documenting the Experience of Early Digital Literature

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  • Performing Archive: Edward S. Curtis + ‘the vanishing race

    Amy Borsuk, Beatrice Schuster, David J. Kim, Heather Blackmore, Jacqueline Wernimont, and Ulia Gosart

    A meta-archive and collection of essays on the ethnographic and photographic work of Edward S. Curtis.

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Scalar 1

  • New Media and American Literature

    Curtis Marez, Jeffrey Shandler, Steve Anderson and Jentery Sayers

    Special issue of American Literature which includes four essays authored in Scalar.

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  • Hearing the ‘Music of the Hemispheres’

    Erin B. Mee

    A multimodal article examining the concert as an aural rendering of acts of spectatorship.

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  • Growing Apart: A Political History of American Inequality

    Colin Gordon

    An examination of inequality in modern America.

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  • D|N|A: Seven Interactive Essays on Nonlinear Storytelling

    Matt Soar and Monika Gagnon

    Brings together seven ‘essays’ by nine thinkers and artists to explore the emergent medium of nonlinear digital storytelling.

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  • The Nicest Kids in Town

    Matthew F. Delmont

    The history of American Bandstand re-examined, with direct access to archival video.

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Custom Design

  • Freedom’s Ring

    Direction and Art by Evan Bissell, Design and Programming by Erik Loyer

    A multimedia exploration of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

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  • The Knotted Line

    Direction and Painting by Evan Bissell, Design and Programming by Erik Loyer

    A richly interactive visual interface combined with a deep pedagogical resource, both powered by Scalar.

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A selection of projects authored with Scalar.

The Nicest Kids in Town Matthew F. Delmont

A page from The Nicest Kids in Town

Archival video and imagery plays an important role in The Nicest Kids in Town.

Matthew Delmont used Scalar to create a digital companion to his new book The Nicest Kids in Town (University of California Press), which explores American Bandstand’s discriminatory policies against black youth in Philadelphia, in contrast to the claims of host Dick Clark that he integrated the show in its early years. Delmont’s digital project features over 100 images and video clips, including memorabilia, newspaper clippings, and vintage clips from American Bandstand. The Scalar publication first began to take shape at the NEH Institute for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities in Summer 2011. Delmont’s project uses Scalar’s paths feature to organize his material into three main sections: Bandstand’s Local Years: 1952-1957, America’s Bandstand: 1957-1964, and Remembering American Bandstand, each replete with media illustrations.

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