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A selection of projects authored with Scalar.

Hearing the ‘Music of the Hemispheres’ includes film, video, and audio clips that are integrated in, and central to, its argument. The article uses Scalar as a tool to embody as well as analyze the multimodal and multi-linear ways performance unfolds, and allows for a performance-driven mode of scholarship that enacts the performance-driven model of spectatorship under analysis. The article analyzes a concert in which music was composed by sonifying fMRI scans made of subjects as they watched a stimulus film instructing them to imagine the sound of rain, listen to a recording of rain, and listen to a musical composition incorporating recordings of rain.

This article uses Scalar to offer an alternative, performance-driven model for understanding spectatorship. Though analyses of spectatorship in theatre and performance studies have largely drawn from reception and reader-response theories in literary and cultural studies, performance is a multimedia and multidisciplinary genre requiring multiple cognitive strategies for making meaning. 

Hearing the ‘Music of the Hemispheres’ has just been published in The Drama Review (57; 3).

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