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Broad support for popular media formats.

Since Scalar pages are HTML, just about anything you can embed in a web page will work in your publication.  However, for native support (where Scalar knows how and where a media file is being used in your project and creates a unique URL for it) the following media formats are supported:

  • Maps: KML
  • Audio: MPEG-3, Ogg, WAV
  • Image: GIF, JPEG, PNG, DZI
  • Text: HTML, JavaScript, Java, TXT, XML, PDF
  • Video: FLV, M4V, MPEG-4, Ogg, WebM, QuickTime

Plug-ins may be required to support some of these formats in some browsers, and not all browsers support all media types.

For more detailed information on media support in Scalar, see our User’s Guide.

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