The Alliance for Networking Visual Culture

Anything can do anything to anything.

Digital publications open up new possibilities for structuring your work, and Scalar enables those possibilities through two primary tools: the path and the tag. Paths are linear sequences of content, like a chapter full of pages or a tutorial full of steps. Tags are non-linear groupings of content, like items in the index of a book or descriptors on a media-sharing site. Where Scalar differs from most other publishing tools is in the flexibility with which grouping and sequencing can be applied. Paths can contain other paths, and tags can reference other tags, making both hierarchical and rhizomatic structures possible.

In Scalar, “anything can do everything to anything,” which means that not only can any piece of Scalar content become a path or tag (or both), but it can also reference any other piece of content: text, video, audio, imagery—making it possible to build images that link to sequences of videos, audio files that group together related texts, or just about anything else you can think of.

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