The Alliance for Networking Visual Culture

Media from sources fair and wide.

Detail of Scalar's media importer

Search major media repositories directly from within Scalar.

Scalar’s support for media import from popular media sites like YouTube and Vimeo, as well as major scholarly collections like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and all Omeka sites combined with our archive partners like the Internet Archive, Hemispheric Institute Digital Video Library, and the Shoah Foundation Institute Visual History Archive offer you a rich selection of media resources that are easy to use in your Scalar publications. Search archives, preview, and import media from directly within Scalar—only the media’s metadata is transferred to your project, leaving the files themselves in their original locations. Our support for direct import of video, audio, and images from Critical Commons, an archive designed from the bottom up to bolster fair-use claims, enables you to include media from a variety of sources in your publication with confidence.

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