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Take Scalar 2 for a Spin!


Scalar 2, with its redesigned reader interface, is nearly ready for launch—but if you’d like to try it out now, you don’t have to wait any longer. In order to get additional feedback as we put the finishing touches on the release, we’re making it possible for you to switch any of your Scalar books over to the new interface now.

You can start with a clean slate by creating a new book, heading to the “Book properties” tab in your Scalar Dashboard, and selecting “Scalar 2” under “Interface.” Existing books authored in Scalar 1 can be moved to the new interface as well; just make sure to check our list of considerations before making the switch.

New features

The new interface has been completely rebuilt to give your books greater visual impact while making them easier to read, navigate, and edit. Among our new features: an interactive main menu; more robust visualizations; new ways to add media to pages; a new page editor and many more page layouts. For a full list of new features, see the section Scalar 2: What’s New? in our User’s Guide.

Interactive Table of Contents

An interactive table of contents now allows readers to browse the overall structure of a book without ever leaving the current page. Accessed from the top left corner of the header, readers can click on an item’s right arrow to reveal its related content (paths, tags, comments, or annotations). It’s a great way to “walk” through a book’s paths and sub-paths to get a better sense of their contents.

New Page Layouts

To increase the readability and versatility of Scalar books, we’ve added a number of new layout options to the new interface, including image headers, splash pages, media galleries, maps, and other features. The new Google Map layout, for instance, plots the current page plus any geotagged content it contains or tags on a map embedded at the top of the page. A new “Structured Media Gallery” view organizes media from multiple paths into groups of thumbnails which display their media when clicked.

Image Header Layout Structured Media Gallery Layout Google Map Layout

For a full list of new page layout options, see Selecting a Page’s Default Layout in our updated User’s Guide.

Optimized for Mobile Devices

Scalar’s new interface has been optimized for reading on tablets and smartphones. Media on smaller screens is now scaled to full width in a compact layout that’s easy to scroll through. What’s more, tablet and mobile readers can now take advantage of the new interactive table of contents to browse the structure of a book while remaining on the current page. Finally, the updated, streamlined page editor now brings Scalar authoring to mobile platforms as well.

To see Scalar 2 in action, check out these books:

Complex TV


Once you’ve had a chance to try out Scalar 2, we’d love to hear your feedback on what you like and where we can improve. Don’t hesitate to get in touch. And enjoy!

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